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Who Are We

The Re-Animators have arisen to provide you with a dreadful new experience. They started their crusade of darkness in 2019 and have been presenting you hardship and rebellion ever since.


With an ever growing obsession for controversial, freakish, strange, cultic, macabre and uncommon things they started seeing a lot of these matters being reflected in vintage shirts. Their hunger to scavenge extraordinary and forgotten vintage artifacts from around the globe made them realize that their stories needed to be shared and exposed to an audience with a like-minded eye.


Their collection consists of a wide range of relics from iconic subcultures that made a staple throughout history. The Re-Animators re-ignite the inner nostalgic spark or pass on a sentimental feeling to people who were not there to witness these iconic moments. All of these memories are shared trough a piece of cotton.


The Re-Animators hope you have the worst time reading, buying, or browsing.

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